What is the "high-fidelity headset" often heard in life?

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So what are high-fidelity headphones? ?

01, APTX lossless transmission

In layman's terms

High fidelity is to measure a certain sound system

Can the concert hall and other scenes

Really reproduced in your playback system

Some headsets use aptX lossless transmission technology

Can transfer music in higher definition

And can keep listening to music in the concert hall

Realism and presence


02. High-fidelity sound characteristics

Good balance

The tone is never too bright or too dark

High, medium and low frequency energy distribution is even

Naturally smooth integration between frequency bands

No bumps and glitches

Have good sound field description ability

The sound field is wide, and the positioning of the instrument is accurate and stable

Sufficient information in the sound field

No hollow feeling

Dynamic without obvious compression

Has a good sense of speed

No distortion or little distortion at high volume

03. How to judge whether it is high fidelity

Objective test judgment

HIFI signal to noise ratio is greater than 100db

Harmonic distortion is less than 1%

Impedance below 50 ohms

Subjective auditory judgment

Restore with high fidelity

No gorgeous sound

Unmodified sound

We are accustomed to modified sounds

As long as you hear the original sound

It can be preliminarily judged that it is a high-fidelity headset

04. Distinguish whether high-fidelity headphones

More expensive than ordinary headphones, this is the difference

Of course, kidding, hahaha

Compared with ordinary headphones, the sound of high-fidelity headphones is closerto the original sound

The most intuitive is reflected in the following 3 points:

Earphones have a wider frequency range

(Can let the ear hear more details)

High-fidelity headphones have a higher level of hardware

(Durability and actual hardware effectiveness have been greatly improved)

Most high-fidelity headphones are tuned

(Make the sound more pleasing in a certain sense of hearing